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In machine tool maintenance or cleaning machine, should the upper die alignment after the lower die down shutdown, until the finished work, such as required for starting or other operations, should be the mode selection in the manual, and ensure the safety of.

Its maintenance is as follows:

In 1, hydraulic circuit

A. Check the oil level, such as hydraulic system repair after should also be checked, level below the oil window should fill the hydraulic oil;

B. The machine with hydraulic oil as ISO HM46or MOBIL DTE25;

C. The new machine after working 2000 hours should be replaced, after every4000 to6000 hours after the oil should be replaced, every time, should be cleaning the tank;

D system oil should be 35to 60 DEG C, not more than 70DEG C, such as too high will cause oil and parts of the metamorphic damage.

In 2, a filter

A. Every time when changing the oil, filter should be replaced or cleaned thoroughly;

B machine related alarm or an oily clean and other filter abnormalities, should be replaced;

C tank air filter, every 3 months to check and clean, best 1 years of change.

In 3, hydraulic parts

A. Monthly cleaning hydraulic components ( substrate, valve, motor, pump, tubing and the like ), to prevent dirt from entering the system, can use cleaning agent;

B. New machines use a month later, check the tubing bending with no deformation, such as abnormal should be replaced, after two months of use, shall be fastened all parts of the connection, the work should be shut down, system without pressure

Hydraulic bending machine comprises a support bench, and a clamping plate, working table arranged on the frame, table is composed of a base and a clamping plate, a clamping plate through a hinge and is connected by a shell, coil, a base and a cover plate, coil is placed in the seat shell within the depressions, recessed top covered with cover.

When used by wire to the coil is energized, electricity gravitation to the pressing plate is generated, thus realizes to the plate and the base plate clamp. Due to the clamping of the electromagnetic force, the pressing plate can be made into various requirements of the workpiece, and the side wall of the workpiece processing.

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