Ma'anshan ShuangXin Machinery Manufacturing Co. Company Ltd

  Maanshan double letter machinery manufacturing Co., LTD. Is a professional manufacturer in producing machine enterprise, the company specializing in the production of all kinds of cutting machine, bending machine and high quality machine tool, widely used in metallurgical, electrical appliances, cartons, paper making, printing, rubber, plastics, chemical industry, food industry, etc. The company also owns advanced production equipment and strong technical strength, professional engaged in the production, research and development of all kinds of machine tool technology enterprise. For many years, we have always adhere to the "stable quality, perfect service, price reasonable" principle. Get all the customer approval and support, the company business day.

  The company has a group of experienced and skilled to several professional and technical personnel. Can be designed according to customer requirements, can produce high precision, long life difficult, all kinds of machine tools, the pursuit of quality zero defects.

  Management of the increasingly perfect, the scale is gradually expands, double letter company commitment to the quality of the first, quality, credit first principle to provide our clients with high quality service. We require "practical, the good faith for this," creating a to the community, to customers, partners, investors, highly responsible for employees of the enterprise. And all related to enterprise established the good cooperation partners.

  Work together, create future!

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