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The crisis in China's foreign machine enterprise strategic failure

2015-3-11   Source:   View:1490
  Recently, in an interview, shenyang machine GuanXiYou think President, foreign enterprise in China's strategic machine is a failure. In the international financial crisis, Japan, Germany and other developed countries top machine enterprise and the control over the world's most advanced machine manufacturing technology, but a sharp decline in orders. Why the best products but don't sell? He summed up three reasons: the enterprise technology and light weight market, heavy the European and American market and light on the market in China and their labor cost is too high. Thus he put forward shenyang machine tool "low cost, internationalization" product strategy, "is not aimed at the world's most of the top products and technology, but aimed at a broader international market prospect". This is the latest to release of shenyang machine tool five kinds of products of a general location.
  From the data on look, in 2009 China machine tool import decline 20% above, domestic metal processing machine's market share has been raised to 70%, explain the foreign product is really in the "now". But if further analysis, we found that machine imported decline rapidly last year, the main reason is the foreign investment sharply reduce (such as foreign investment in equipment imported CNC way metalworking machine tools by 43% year-on-year. In addition, not from all countries (or area) the import has less, from the United States, Japan, China, Taiwan, South Korea imported machine larger drop, and from Germany, Italy, France, Spain and other European countries is still increasing import of machine tools. A notable data is, 2009, numerical control metalworking machine tools up compared to the average import unit price 42%, which indicates that the import product in the high-end market with a powerful competitiveness.
  Note that, since always, in the domestic equipment manufacturer of have a saying: "for the best", it is said, the import product is good, but the price is too high, domestic product performance than quality of it, but cheaper price, the most suitable for the users. This, to a certain extent, to make Chinese equipment manufacturers to avoid their brand, technology and the disadvantage, at the most ZhongDiDuan market. However, they may ignore a problem, as the positioning "author, strategic master graduated, points out, that business war is not a product of the war, but the battle of the mind, you and your competition for, is who can capture customers the first 6 inches wide mind. In many areas of the situation, so far, in the war seemed still is foreign brands the upper hand. If the customer to choose you just because you low price, or he is not conditions, so as soon as he has a condition, or his mind the brand recognition reduce the threshold, he will discard you. As long as you one day was not capture customer mental "peak", just for one day can't say "conquer" the customer.


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