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Anhui machine tool industry development change means to realize comprehensive growth

2015-3-10   Source:   View:1924


  Since this year, anhui province machine tool industry development way positive change, adjust the structure of products, realize the overall growth. According to statistics, 1 to July main machine tool industry enterprise complete gross industrial output value than last year the corresponding period grows 20.22%, part of the enterprise growth above 40%.

  Implement product upgrading, improving the competition ability. Enter the "1025", machine tool industry in anhui province in the industrial structure adjustment of outstanding product upgrading, made the obvious result. Hefei forging press group production large hydraulic press have advantage, the first half of the declaration "super high strength car parts hot stamping technology and equipment production line" obtained the country work the approval letter, "automatic ChongYaXian key technology research and equipment industrialization project through the acceptance. Bengbu crystal rhombohedrons machine company by in the past only general production milling machine into development heavy numerical control milling and boring machine, successfully, and good sales in the first half. Wuhu hengsheng, south anhui chizhou machine tools, household machine tools, AnQingHong kei, luan ssangyong, huangshan a machine tool, the enterprise positive development numerical control made the car, milling machine, the processing center, nc lathe, also have very good benefits.

  Special plane production development, meet the special need. Hefei pressure machinery Co., LTD. The original production general pressure machine tools, and they develop development straightening machine, pressing machine, used in automobile and engineering machinery industry and assembly parts straightening, pressing with, welcome, growing market, since this year a sharp increase production and marketing. Wuhu red flag heavy machine tools companies with our emerging industry development of the situation, the positive for wind power equipment, water and electricity equipment enterprise development of numerical control made special heavy car, for enterprise opened up a new market.

  Increased technical transformation, the improvement of production capacity. Machine tool industry is the main body of the equipment manufacturing industry. The equipment manufacturing industry in the planning guidance and promote, main machine in anhui province are increasing investment enterprise, speeding up the technical renovation. Anhui bo hope machine tool industry cluster enterprise, such as central Asia, east Germany, are expensive, to build a new plant, acquire key equipments; The other machine tools and all key enterprises establish technical center, enlarge production ability. Since this year, enterprise greatly increased output, further improve the quality and level.

  Explore international market and expand export products. Anhui province is a better basis export machine, especially haian, JinYang, tianyu, chizhou, bei can, and other enterprises,  household machine a higher reputation in the international market. Since this year, the enterprise take international financial crisis weakened, foreign economic recovery time, adjust the structure of products, to expand exports, obtain the new achievement. Especially bengbu tianyu machine tool Co., LTD. For guangzhou fair booth since last year, the company production of household machine, steel by foreign customers welcome bandsaw, in the first half of this year exports increase substantially.






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