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Germany actively promote cooperation with China in machine tools

2015-2-18   Source:   View:1595

  China is the world's largest machine tool market, is also the biggest importer of machine tools. China and Germany in the area has the good cooperation.

  In 2010, China's industrial field in Germany the important suppliers of seventh in machine tools. German imports from China total machine about 74 million euros, was 50% higher than in 2006, which mainly includes parts, accessories, and lathe. In addition, in 2010, China imported from overseas 21% of machine tool from Germany. This means that Germany as second only to Japan's second largest Chinese industry machine tool suppliers. Germany's export machine since 2006 doubled, under the influence of international financial crisis relatively small, since since the end of 2009, has achieved in the order of double-digit growth, in the second half of 2010, and even a few months appeared three digit growth. Year 2010, YuDingLiang orders grew by an average of 85%, the latest machine tools delivery quantity of 1.7 billion euros.
  German machine tool manufacturers association director of marketing for the sea, said China have good technology foundation, developing very fast machine tool industry, and the German machine manufacturer attach great importance to innovation, sino-german can be extensive cooperation, such as building a technical base, to develop manufacturing machine tool product, the emerging market development to more.
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