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Machine tools is warmed trend energy equipment or into recovery power

2015-2-18   Source:   View:1670

  The first two months, machine tool industry insiders optimistic to the China energy news reporter said, the downstream engineering machinery and other products demand growth in the leader, machine tool industry are emerging recovery thaw situation. But, for now, to machine tool industry the prospects of the judge took place a lot of change. Analysts pointed out that with the domestic macroeconomic policy turned, some strong cycle of engineering machinery, machine tools such as varieties such as a period of time could face future demand downside risks, machine tool industry recovery situation or earlier terminated. In that case, the energy equipment to pull effect of machine tool industry will be more obvious.

  Machine tool industry not completely out of the downturn

  According to the China machinery industry federation of data, before this year on March, machinery industry year-on-year growth of 43.48%, dropped about 3% month-on-month growth; Exports grew 25.56%, about 6.5% month-on-month growth of ascension.

  National mechanical industry analysts FuCaiXia securities, said the machine tool industry recovery may terminate. According to her research, machine tool industry sales value year-on-year growth of 41.38%, up by about 3.8% month-on-month growth; Exports grew 23.78%, about 2% month-on-month growth fell back. "We have been worried about 2009 years before the economic recovery policy intervention the imprinting too deep, once the policy change, the compression of the machine tool industry recovery time, so far our worry is becoming a reality." FuCaiXia said.

  At the same time, have analyzed that, machine tool industry economic operation cycle still at the bottom, and the overall industry last reversal. Although since late 2008, China in response to the financial crisis implemented the proactive fiscal policy and the loose monetary policy, infrastructure construction, promote industrial upgrading, but for machine tool industry is concerned, because the overseas market continued to worsen, partly offset by the domestic recovery brought about by the industry growth, and a higher percentage of low end products, the products less competitive, so 2010 industry whole the reversal of the very difficult. At the same time, the rapid development of the energy industry, driving the demand for energy equipment, for machine tool industry into recovery is expected to boost.

  Energy equipment of machine tool of strong demand

  According to information, energy field of large generator, power transmission and transformation equipment, large petroleum chemical industry and the coal chemical device and so on of heavy, precision, need more coordinates, efficient, special nc machine tool processing manufacturing. A heavy, double, ha electricity energy equipment such as enterprise, many large key components are to their production, the product has a high demand for high-end machine tools.

  According to China's machine tool industry association related parties, electric power equipment manufacturing industry to the needs of the numerical control machine embodies in, thermal power and the steam turbine, steam turbine cylinder nuclear power rotor and leaf; Generator stator and rotor; Nuclear power heat exchanger and orifice plate; Hydro-generator stator and rotor base need heavy machine processing.

  Benefit from growing grid investment and in a few years the power equipment industry will still maintained a fast growth speed, expect 2010 electric power equipment industry will keep growth of around 20%. Along with the development of the electric power equipment, power industry installed capacity increases, will drive the heavy nc longmen boring and milling machine, heavy nc vertical lathe, heavy nc horizontal lathe, milling machine dedicated hub slot, and leaves the numerical control processing equipment and other heavy machine tools and machine tool product super-heavy demand.

  In addition, at present the power station equipment companies are increasing technical reform efforts, add big heavy equipment special milling machine, boring bar for 250 mm diameter of above large ground boring and milling machine, CNC machining diameter 16 m CNC heavy vertical lathe and other products have larger demand.

  Shaanxi qinchuan machine tool group Co., LTD. The chairman LongXingYuan argues that, besides the traditional energy required the equipment, the rise of new energy industry, will expand the application range of the mechanical products, so as to provide processing equipment new market opportunities. The most obvious example is wind power industry for the development of the machine and its spare parts of wind power demand for wind power processing equipment and driving development.

  The reporter understands, at present, China's overall design of large wind turbine and load calculation ability is weak, the control system, generators, gear box, bearing the design and

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